Osmany Laffita Couture - Spring - Summer 2010

A look through Osmany's designs reveals a glamorous, feminine, provocative and sensual style influenced by his natural exuberance. He understands and respects the woman’s body which always remains the real star of his collections. His preference goes to intricate fabrics to create innovative outfits with a little nostalgic eye wink to the great classics. Fashion made by Osmany Laffita is intended for women who are seeking elegance, which are not afraid to stand out and who want to dress creatively.

Osmany Laffita Couture - Spring - Summer 2010Never forget where you’re coming from… Osmany Laffita Couture - Spring - Summer 2010With this very self-describing title, Osmany Laffita launches his 20th collection in his designer career.

"Just 10 years ago, I started here, across the embankment. My first collection was shown in the port of Holešovice, which no longer exists now." So it is a collection full of memories for me, memories from Cuba, my native country, and memories of the Czech Republic, my adoptive country," Osmany Laffita says with an ever-present smile on his face. "Fashion is always about the future, but I do make an effort to keep something classic in all of my designs. You know, it is important to remember that all this is just show, don’t take show for reality or you become lost! Dressing up is show; never forget that when you take your glamour dress of in the evening, you still want to be the same person as before."

Osmany Laffita Couture - Spring - Summer 2010Fabrics are Osmany Laffita Couture - Spring - Summer 2010floating to embrace the body in motion. The collection is a non-violent provocation making a connection between the motion and the material. It is an exceptional symbiosis between material and color where the dominants are white and black mixed with a strong array of different bright colors. Osmany is playing with silk jacquards, laces and embroideries, both in his women, and surprisingly, also in men collections.

"These creations welcome a strong summer wind. This is when the silks and natural fabrics really show their best side," says Osmany Laffita. "This is also why we decided to show this collection on this fabulous ship."

Yet again, fabrics for the men’s line are audaciously flashy used in classic cuts giving a stunning young effect to the line. Trousers are not cut as close to the body as in previous seasons. Osmany Laffita Couture - Spring - Summer 2010They become more carrot shaped.

Osmany Laffita Couture - Spring - Summer 2010Shoes on the other hand remain sky high. "I guess that with the years, even my models started to learn how to walk in high heel shoes," laughs Osmany. "I just love women in high heels! It makes them so sexy and totally changes the anatomy. It brings out the best of you." This time, shoes are open toed sandals on stiletto heels and, how it could be any different, full of crystals, Osmany's trademark.

The collection is topped off with shiny studded purses and belts.

The main star of the Osmany's show Spring - Summer 2010, the model Simona Krainová, demonstrated several elegant models and also showed her sexy body in a white swimsuit.

Osmany Laffita Couture - Spring - Summer 2010Osmany Laffita Couture - Spring - Summer 2010Osmany Laffita Couture - Spring - Summer 2010Osmany Laffita Couture - Spring - Summer 2010Osmany Laffita Couture - Spring - Summer 2010

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