Nowruz; Iranian/Persian New Year, to welcome the first day of spring.

At the Hybernia Theatre, on March 20th 2012 at 19:00, the holiday of Nowruz will, due to popular demand, be ce...

Elektrïck Mann in the new lineup in concert with The Unholy Preachers

A concert of great bands Elektrïck Mann and The Unholy Preachers will take place at club Rock Café in Prague o...

AbbaWorld exhibition in Prague

AbbaWorld exhibition will be held from 6 May to 7 August 2011 in Slovanský dům in Prague.


The Venice Carnival 2007

The Carnival in Venice is the most famous and most magnificent carnival in Europe.


Joanna Modes Facts

Joanna Modes - things we didn't know about her

joanna modes

Fauna of Australia

Australia is due to its size very diverse and this is also true of the fauna. There are many different species...



uhm... eh... sorry my English...

Big Brother


For you

Příště to napíšu česky :-)


Real neurological test

Seat comfortably and feel calm.

Survey in Ireland

Survey of Polish immigration

American genius

Funny detail from mathematics

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