Help the exhibition: Beatles & Beatlemania

The National Museum – Czech Museum of Music asks the general public to kindly help with the planned exhibition Beatles & Beatlemania in the Heart of Europe in December 2010.

Help the exhibition: Beatles & BeatlemaniaCzech Museum of Music collects all the Help the exhibition: Beatles & Beatlemaniamemorabilia about the Beatles and their popularity in former Czechoslovakia from the period Czech popular music influenced by the Beatles up to the external symbols of Beatlemania, like music instruments, clothes, shoes, old posters, diaries with the hand written song texts or music etc. If you have got anything at home, which you would be willing to donate or to lend for the time being of the exhibition, please contact The National Museum till the end of 2009 on the following address: Center for Documentation of Popular Music and New Media, National Museum - Czech Museum of Music, Karmelitská 2, 118 00 Prague 1, on tel.: +420 257 257 710 or e-mail:

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