Fly Me to the Moon 3D

3D space adventure on the Moon with three flies.

Fly Me to the Moon
Fly Me to the Moon
In 1969 three astronauts dared to go where no man had gone before, the moon. Animated film Fly me to the moon will take you back to that historic moment, moon landing in 1969. Flies Nat, Scooter and IQ
Flies Nat, Scooter and IQ
3D film combines the Apollo 11 mission with a whimsical twist involving three teen-aged flies who go along on an incredible space adventure. Three young house flies are the actual heroes of the story. Nat, IQ and Scooter would like to realize their dream of a great adventure and stow away on board the Apollo rocket. Time and again, the mini astronauts have more than their wings full in hairy situations and, thanks to their feisty course of action, even save the entire mission.

Czech premiere starts on January 8, 2009 in Prague IMAX Cinema.

Fly Me to the Moon 3DFly Me to the Moon 3DFly Me to the Moon 3D

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