Prague Museum Night 2010

Museums and galleries do not go to sleep. Do not go even you! At night on Saturday 12 June 2010 Prague museums and galleries open their doors to visitors in the seventh annual Prague Museum Night.

Prague Museum Night 2010
Prague Museum Night 2010
Visitors to the Prague Museum Night in 2010, can visit 53 buildings, namely museums, galleries, monuments and also not miss the unique special events such as guided tours, concerts, theatrical performances, film screenings, lectures and fashion shows. Admission to the event is free, the symbolic entrance fee is paid only when you visit a national cultural monument and the buildings of the Prague Information Service.

Very interesting program promises Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design, which offers whole-school exhibition called Artsemestr'10, screenings of short animated films, fashion shows, and for children aged 6-15 years Super Massive Black Hole
Super Massive Black Hole
with a workshop entitled My first book in the bookbinding workshop (to be ordered in advance on e phone 251 098 111).

Unique night light projections called Super Massive Black Hole transform the facade of the building the school after 10 pm. How will it look like night show, you can see the video.

Visitors find all the information on the website of the Prague Museum Night also allows you to create your own program of Prague Museum Night.

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