New Year's cocktail from World Classic Cocktail Competition

We bring to you a winning recipe from the World Classic Cocktail Competition, which you can celebrate the arrival of the New Year 2010.

Šárka Janová
Šárka Janová
Šárka Janová received her second World vicemistryně Cocktail The Wall
Cocktail The Wall
World Classic Cocktail Competition at this year's race of the International Bartenders Association (IBA) in Berlin, Germany.

And what is the recipe for winning cocktail Šárka Janová?
To prepare the cocktail called The Wall, you will need:
3cl Prague  vodka
2cl Charleston Follies
2 cl Monin syrup Orge
5cl Peach Juice
2cl lime juice
for garnish kumquat, mango, strawberries and mint leaves
The Wall cocktail prepare in a cocktail shaker and serve in a long glass type colins.

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