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Joanna Modes Facts

Joanna Modes - things we didn't know about her
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joanna modes

joanna modes
Category: Travel - Australia

Fauna of Australia

Fauna of AustraliaAustralia is due to its size very diverse and this is also true of the fauna. There are many different species of wildlife in Australia. Photo Vašek Balšánek
Category: People - Celebration

Royal Wedding of Prince William & Kate

Royal Wedding of Prince William & KateBritain's Prince William and Kate Middleton were married on Friday 29 April, 2011 in Westminster Abbey. They became the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Photo Reuters and ČTK.
Category: Travel - Europe

Trekking the volcano Pico del Teide

Trekking the volcano Pico del TeidePico del Teide volcano towers to a height of 3718 meters in the center of the largest island of Canary Islands, Tenerife. It is also the highest mountain in the whole of Spain and third largest volcano in the world.
Category: Travel - North America

Antelope Canyon and its magical colors

Antelope Canyon and its magical colorsAntelope Canyon is one of the photogenic canyons Southwest USA. Antelope Canyon is located in the middle of wilderness near the town of Page in the State of Arizona on the Navajo Indian Reservation. Amazing play of the sun on the sandstone walls of the canyon every day playing the breathtaking play of light and shadows. Enjoy the beautiful curves and pleasantly warm colored rock Antelope Canyon.
Category: Travel - Europe

The Giant Mountains (Krkonose Mountains)

The Giant Mountains (Krkonose Mountains)Weather in Giant Mountains is favorable. The sky is clear, the sun is shining.
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Electric Light Orchestra live concert

Electric Light Orchestra live concertLegendary rock band Electric Light Orchestra and Český národní symfonický orchestr (Czech National Symphonic Orchestra) is coming back on a stage in great, unique style at Kongresové Centrum Praha (Prague Congress Centre). Live concert on November 23, 2008.
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Osmany Laffita - Summer 2009 - 1 Part

Osmany Laffita - Summer 2009 - 1 PartOsmany Laffita presented a collection of spring and summer 2009 in a small village - NIZBOR (near Beroun). Fashion show Osman Laffita dazzle you, and also always surprised.
Category: People - Act

In the woods

In the woodsPhoto shoot in the woods. On Saturday 11.10.08. He shot along Jonatan + 1 photo (last) model did. It was cold, but it was beautiful mist.
Category: Cities

Andrew Neff photographer Russian tank

Andrew Neff photographer Russian tank(Morning photoreport of 21 August 2008)
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Osmany Laffita Fashion Show 2008/2009

Osmany Laffita Fashion Show 2008/2009Štrbské Pleso in Slovakia hosted a fashion show by the world famous Cuban fashion designer Osmany Laffita on March 1. Forty models paraded across the frozen surface of the Štrbské pleso mountain lake in a severe snowstorm.
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Photogallery Arnošt Lustig

Photogallery Arnošt LustigArnošt Lustig, one of the leading Czech writers and the most important Jewish writer of Bohemia, was born in Prague on 21 December 1926. He was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize for the novel Beautiful Green Eyes.
Category: Travel - Oceania

The colors of Bora Bora Island

The colors of Bora Bora IslandBora Bora Island is one of the islands of French Polynesia located in the most beautiful lagoon in the world. For this tropical paradise are typical deep blue, turquoise, azure and lush green colors.
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Angels of Kája Saudek

Angels of Kája SaudekThe exhibition of painter and king of czech comics Kája Saudek and his children, Berenika and Patrik.
Category: Travel - Caribbean

Barbados and its animals

Barbados and its animals
Category: People - Family

Baby will arive in January

Baby will arive in January
Category: Travel - Europe

Giant mountains

Giant mountainsKrkonoše or Giant Mountains in English is a mountain range on the border between Czech Republic and POland in Central Europe. The highest point of Giant Mountains is Sněžka with altitude 5 256 ft.
Category: Nature - Landscape

Autumn atmosphere

Autumn atmosphere
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